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What is GBG Start?

GBG Start allow entrepreneurs to learn how to start building a successful business online. It is aimed to encourage entrepreneurs to get familiar with different business methodologies and utilize Google tools to create a platform for online business success.

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    Contents for January- March 2018)
    1. The Online Opportunity
    2. Your First Step in Online Success
    3. Build your Web Presence
    4. Connect through Email
    5. Get Started with Search
    6. Get Discovered with Search
    7. Get Noticed with Social Media
    8. Discover the Possibilities of Mobile
    9. Build your Online Shop
    10. Introduction to Google for Entrepreneurs
    11. Tools for Entrepreneurs
    12. Rapid Prototyping
    13. Product Market Fit (PMF)
    14. Email Marketing
    15. UX
    16. Google Sites
    17. Google My Business
    18. Develop
    19. Launch
    20. 3rd Party Content
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